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Nature's Produce for your Skin
Natural products directly from nature, combined with biology, chemistry, and a passion to share great products with you.
If you are looking for natural products that deliver, give these a try.
We offer great handmade products at affordable prices.

Located in Snow Camp NC, a home based business, a passion to understand how ingredients work and the benefits they provide. More and more chemicals are in our environment, and we are all need to get back to nature. I have crafted some products that utilize the concept of adding fresh ingredients from nature where you the consumer can receive the most benefit.

Welcome to Its E-Scentual
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Its E-Scentual, Snow Camp, NC  27349
​     As a hobby breeder of Japanese Chins, I wanted the best available products for my show dogs.
       Not finding what I was looking for, for my dogs or myself, I set out to make my own.
      When my husband retired we moved to beautiful central North Carolina.  Snow Camp's natural beauty, farm land and wooded areas are inspirational to getting closer to nature.
My 30 years in a laboratory taught me pairing of ingredients.       Now I share my passion with all of you. 
     Come share my Journey!
Linda and Angie winning 4 points
Winning in the show ring
requires a crisp clean coat.
Vending at a local market
From my kitchen to your home  
My product guarantee:

Always from scratch
Real ingredients
No fillers
 No additives
 No chemicals 
No petroleum based products
No sulfates or parabens

Combining nature's produce to simple products
ingredient names you can pronounce.
Fact: It takes only 30 seconds to penetrate your skin!
Mineral oil is an example of a petroleum based product. 

The molecule of mineral oil is larger than size your 
skins pore,

 Can we expect anything to be able to penetrate such a barrier?

Yet it is the main ingredients in most popular lotions.